Is there a strong ghee smell in your products?

Nope! You wouldn’t even know it was ghee. 

Though we love that nutty flavour from traditional Ghee, we know it’s not the best for skincare use (and not everyone’s cup of tea). Our ghee is formulated with our special and perfected process of making ghee. Burned at the right temperature every time, our ghee is closer to a clarified butter. Less of a nutty taste that you would get in the ghee used in the kitchen.

What’s the shelf life of your product?

Like most skincare products you use, we recommend discarding your lip balm after 6 months of use. This does depend on the frequency of use and how you apply our product.

We recommend using an applicator or clean fingers every time to keep your product safe and longer lasting.

What is ghee?

We thought you might ask, so we wrote a piece entirely about Ghee. Click here to learn more.