Ghee-based skincare, because your mom was right!

Every culture has their go-to remedies for about every aliment you can name. We can hear nonnas around the world telling their grandkids to slather on some olive oil, moms chasing their kids with cocoa butter, and ammas massaging the entire family with coconut oil.

In Northern India and the greater subcontinent, Ghee is the fat to rule them all. From cooking to skincare, ghee is a clarified butter made in South Asian households world-wide.

So when the harsh Canadian winter hit us a little early in 2018, we decided to tinker with ghee and some all-natural ingredients to test our mother’s suggestion. As predicted, she was right.

Introducing our first product, ghee lip balm, a better way of using this natural moisturizer. 

We spent months developing our formula to ensure that the consistency, texture, and quality of ghee was high, while the smell and the low melting point were altered. We make our ghee in small batches with the right temperature monitoring and triple filtering to ensure the cleanest product possible. 

Ghlee Lipcare is handmade and packaged in Canada. This way we can closely monitor all of our ingredients to ensure they are of the highest quality and chemical free.